Friday, April 1, 2011

Snow Foolery

My parents live in New England, where they've had a great deal of snow this winter. Even more than normal. To give some perspective, here's a photo from their house in January, the day before another 10" of snow fell:

By late March, the snow was finally melting. There were even swaths of bare ground in the sunniest spots. Then Mother Nature played an evil April Fool's trick. Here was the scene when my parents awoke this morning:

Back in northern Virginia, it was a cool but (fortunately) dry start to April. But just last Sunday we had our own dusting of snow. I'd thought it was safe to put away the winter gear. I was wrong.

The snow was already melting by the time I went out to take pictures, and was all gone my mid-morning.


  1. When I see photos like this, it really puts into perspective what real snow is all about. Their garden area looks beautiful.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. Cher: It IS beautiful, though they struggle with an abundance of shade and voracious deer.