Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dont Tread on Me!

I was starting to clean out the last garden bed on the terrace a few weeks ago. I found an uprooted plant tag from the new peony I planted late last year. Now, where did I plant that peony? Did it survive my neglect after I planted it?

I didn't see any sign of it where I thought I'd put it, so I kept on weeding. When I stood up, I realized I'd bee nkneeling right on top of it! Unfortunately, it had already started growing, and I'd broken off its two emerging shoots:

Oops! What are the chances it will regrow?


Pretty good, it turns out. Here's what it looked like this evening:


I doubt it will flower this year, but at least it is alive. Hopefully it will gain some strength this year and give me flowers next year.


  1. I've heard of getting close to your plants but maybe you should give the poor peonie a little more space. Glad it sprouted back!

  2. Me, too, GonSS! Oh, and that's not a lilac. Details tomorrow.

  3. ha! i have this problem every spring. i tend to move everything around in the fall, but by springtime i've forgotten where i put everything. so watching the bulbs and perennials sprout come Spring is full of surprises.

    also love the new header--NOT lilac?