Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Mulch is Here

My city provides a nice service: in Fall, they suck up all the leaves people rake to the street. They compost it over Winter and provide leaf mulch free to residents in Spring (pick up yourself or pay a nominal fee for delivery). They started delivery later than usual this year, so I didn't get mine until today. But here it is:

I'd hoped the truck driver could put the pile off to the side, so I could still access the garage (off to the right in these pictures). As you can see, the truck barely fit in the driveway at all, so there was little option about where to put it. He really tried to put the pile up close to the garage, so I could at least pull the car into the bottom of the driveway, but the utility lines overhead caused interference with the lift. So I'm stuck with this pile and an inaccessible driveway until I get the pile moved.

Last year it was 2.5 months before that was done. Any bets on how long it will take this year?

I started moving mulch this afternoon, but it was really slow going. I loaded up the cart and wheeled it to where I wanted the mulch. Looked at the garden bed and saw: weeds. Everywhere. I'd weeded (almost) all the beds in March/early April to remove the leaf debris and winter weeds. But now several weeks later, without mulch, the spring weeds have arrived. So I had to do some weeding before I could spread the mulch. Looks like this will be the process for every cartload. I only got two loads moved before the storms came today.


  1. It looks good. Your garden will be very happy.

  2. That's nice looking compost! I wish our city did that!

  3. Thanks, Ladies. I do enjoy when being frugal pays off.