Friday, April 15, 2011

Blooms Away! (The April Bloom Day Post)

I love this time of year, when every day brings something new in the garden. Just two days ago I shared a bunch of flowering plants, but don't you worry! There's lots more to show off today.

First, in honor of Bloom Day (hosted by Carol over at May Dreams Gardens), my first bearded iris of the year opened this morning:
It is a miniature bearded iris called 'Cherry Pop' (I think - labels tend to move). This one seems very early - only a few others are even starting to show flower stalks.

Also in the back, the phlox are in full bloom now. I have lots of moss phlox in various colors, but I especially enjoy the airiness of my one creeping phlox plant

In the upper garden, 'Little Lanterns' Aquilegia are shining:

In the side garden, I can see a new bloom race starting. Last year I planted two bleeding hearts (Dicentra spectabilis), one pink and one white. They are both up this year, with the white one winning the first annual competition:

Around front, the Pasque flower is doing its thing amidst the daffodils:

Skipping to the back alley for just a moment, here's something I don't have in my yard. I don't mind, because I can see it just fine across the alley: Lilac!

Several folks thought this lilac was the subject of my header picture this week, but it is not. Moving back to the front yard, we find one of my favorite spring blooming trees:

Redbud! (Cercis canadensis) Yes, it is still bent from last year's storm damage. But looking cheerfully springy anyway.

Also blooming: white daffs, pink and red tulips, muscari, geranium (one flower), violets (everywhere), candytuft, pansy, anemone (almost done), rosemary, blueberries

My friend Merf, a new and fascinating lifeblogger, created a new link party today: Friday Favorites. Friday Favorites! What are my favorites this week? In spring, that is easy to answer: whatever is blooming!


  1. Red bud! I must have lilacs on the brain. All beautiful. So nice to see so many flowers in your garden.

  2. That is a pretty little iris! I didn't know they came in a small version! I transplanted a bearded iris from a shady area to full sun and it bloomed for the first time this week. I wish I could grow lilacs and bleeding hearts here but it just gets too hot! Anyway, it's nice to visit your garden and see them in bloom! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your spring garden looks so pretty. I see you have the purple Pasque Flower also. I love this flower in the spring. The iris is just so pretty. I love that color. Have a wonderful weekend!