Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 2011 Blooms

Here's what's blooming, on the 15th of September: The melampodium I planted in the spring took a while to get going this summer. But they just keep getting better and better. I hope I can collect some seeds for next year.

Self-seeded morning glories light up the driveway fence

The yard is full of signs of impending autumn. The sedum are flowering, a light pink for now

The mistflower make a sea of blue

'Fireworks' solidago are just starting to pop

Variegated liriope are pretty in purple

Willow-leaf helianthus are sun-shiny yellow. These grow so tall and get floppy. This year, I finally remembered to try cutting them back in June. So this year they are shorter and floppy.

And the Boltonia asteroides are also flopping - all over the baptisia

That's all 'til next month!