Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Garden Time-Lapse (the beginning)

I've seen many garden bloggers post "time-lapse" photos of parts of their garden. I would love to do the same. Most of my garden photos are closeups; rarely do I capture the whole essence of a space. But to someone walking in the garden, the whole is more important than the individual plants. So I want to take picture from a few vantage points over the year to capture the evolution of my gardens.

There are two areas I want to capture this year: the side garden and the upper garden. The side garden is trees, shrubs and flowers (iris and daylilies). The upper garden holds the plum tree in the center, bordered on two sides by veggies, one side by the native plant garden, and one side by the terrace gardens: a weekping Japanese maple, a now-dead Sunsprite rose, and perennials. I thought I had a few photos already, but it seems I only take these pictures when it snows. So I'll start with that.

Here's the Side Garden after our December 2009 snow (Snowpocalypse"):

Here it is after the February 2010 snow ("Snowmageddon"):

I guess this shows there was more snow the second time around. The big piles on the left are from shoveling off the flat roof in preparation for more snow to come.

Here is the Upper Garden in February 2010. This photo is taken from my roof while I was up there shoveling. I'll need a better (more accessible) vantage point if I'm going to continue this one through the year.

Not much to see, yet. A clean slate to start the garden year, I suppose.