Thursday, April 21, 2011

Right Before My Eyes

I'm always amazed how fast some plants grow once they wake up in Spring. I feel like if I ever sat still I could actually watch them grow.

Yesterday morning I went looking for iris buds in the side garden, and saw a few. By mid-afternoon, there were two more, looking like they'd always been there. I know I hadn't missed them in the morning.

And my garage garden has filled in so fast! Columbine leafed out seemingly overnight, covering most of the bare patches. And the moss phlox are spreading more each day.

See this Sempervivum in the face pot?

All Winter, and into Spring, it was laying next to that lavender moss phlox. Next to. With bare space in between. (You'll just have to trust me. Turns out I don't have any pictures of that.) It didn't move, but now it is nearly invisible.

I guess it needs a new home now.

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