Thursday, April 21, 2011

A (really bad) Garden Limerick

There once was a shrub named Nandina.
In my garden, she was the queen-a.
But truth be told,
She was rather old,
& I'd much rather have a hydreengea.

Nandina was a pest, that's for sure.
Rabbits have nothing on her.
Those bright red berries
That seem so merry
They sure make the species endure.

I'm tired of weeding I say,
I want her out of my garden today
So I called my friend Rob,
Said I've got a job,
She's yours if you haul her away.

Rob dug and he pulled and he frowned,
But that queen would not heave from the ground,
She was determined to stay
It was just her way
of saying "Don't you push me around!"

Poor, tired Rob said "I know just the thing!"
"Why don't I just take the offspring?"
(some were seven feet tall)
(and he didn't get them all)
Someday one may even be King!

What to do with Nandina instead?
I didn't want to do this, I'm feeling the dread.
But the time is nigh
To say with a sigh
If you won't leave alive, you'll leave dead!


  1. Thanks for the support, ladies. For some reason limerick rhymes came to mind while I was digging her out. I have no idea why.