Sunday, March 20, 2011


Organization is a wonderful thing. Too bad I'm not very good at it.

I spent most of last spring and summer not being able to use my garage, due to a project I'd started (and not finished) that took up much of the interior space. Since I couldn't put the car in, the garage became a repository for a lot of other stuff. So even when I eventually cleaned up from the project, I still couldn't put the car in.

My parents visited for a few days in late summer. While I don't always intend to put them to work, they are good at finding projects. We started off doing something else (I don't even remember what, now), but ended up spending two days cleaning out the garage. By the end, not only could I put my car in, but some junk that I had moved from the last house and thrown in there was gone, too. And nearly everything had a place, thanks to Mom's organizational skills.

Fast forward three seasons. Here I am, doing spring clean-up in the yard. I've cut down the Buddleia (further than I've ever dared cut it before, btw).

Now I need to tie up the twigs to go out with the trash. The city requires <4 ft length, <50lb bundles, tied up. Off to find some twine. I think there's some in the garage.

Oh, look! A box labeled "Rope and Twine" - I wonder if there's any twine in there?

There is!

I love organization.


  1. So nice when you can find stuff!
    I cut our Buddleia down at least that far every year. It always grows back.

  2. Buddelia = butterfly bush, right? I whack mine down to about 5 inches (!), and by summer it's 6 - 7 feet high and spread again. Oh, butterfly bush!