Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 2011 Blooms and a Brand New Bloom (for me)

Bloom Day* has rolled around again, and my yard is finally starting to wake up and embrace the oncoming Spring.

Hellebores that were just emerging last month are now in bloom. Here is the white one:

Lavender and purple hellebores are also blooming.

Crocus have gone through their bloom cycle

And are wrapping up their color show. My first Spring in this house (5 years ago), I was delighted to see crocus popping up in several places in the yard. Last spring I actually planted some more. Now I have some white ones to go with the yellow and purple blooms:

The early daffodils are brightening up the front:

The ones in the side garden are waiting for Spring. I’m ok with that. I want as many daffodils for as long as I can get them!

New this year: Anemone! I’ve planted these bulbs several times over the last few years, and never had any results. Last fall I planted them in four different places, hoping they’d like at least one. Whatever I did this year worked, and they’ve all come up.

I thought I’d planted mixed colors, but all the ones in flower are blue. I’m ok with that: I never have enough blue flowers. (Trust me, these are blue. My camera just doesn’t like to photograph blue things, especially blue things in sun.)

The only problem is, these plants are small. Since I’d never had them before, I didn’t really know what they’d look like in the yard. I think now I should have planted all 30 in one spot so maybe a mass of them would be visible. Right now you can only see them if you know where to look.

Time to go see what's blooming in your yard!

*hosted by Carol over at May Dreams Gardens. Thanks, Carol!


  1. Fantastic blooms and another reminder for me to plant more crocuses and earlier blooming bulbs next year. I am way jealous!!

  2. The anemone are nice. I wonder if they'd do well here. Maybe plant them right by the sidewalk so you can always see them! I'm getting jealous of everyone's Hellebores today. They are so pretty, and you can never have too many crocus!