Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 2011 Blooms

So January's Bloom Day was a bust for me. Is February any better?

I'd hoped to have some hellebores. Not yet, but I have some buds.

I don't see any buds on the purple ones yet. Strange.

The warm weather over the past few days has revived some of the long-suffering pansies. Look: Blooms!

Lots of crocus foliage coming up. No crocus yet. Oh, wait! I see one:

And what's a wrap, folks. Think Spring!


  1. I'll take what you got. No sign of anything here. Still amazes me how excited I get just to see crocus foliage each winter. Nice shots.

  2. I am going to leave and breathe this blog from here on out. I need much gardening inspiration and guidance!!!

  3. Where there are buds, there will be flowers...have faith!

  4. ONG and Dorothy - thanks for paying a visit. No doubt spring will come. It always does.

    Merf - you flatter me. I think you need to adjust your expectations, though; I can't handle the pressure.

  5. Your pansies and crocus look adorable. Lovely pictures.

  6. Sure makes you realize spring is almost here. Great shots.

    Goldenray Yorkies

  7. Thanks, and thanks for visiting, Masha and Sunray.

  8. I never knew pansies were such hardy reliable little things.