Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Cleanup

Ahh, Spring. Why do you tempt me in mid-February?

I took advantage of the Spring-like weekend to do a few chores around the yard.

My big maple tree lost yet another limb in January's ice storm. The limb sat in my front yard for weeks: it was too cold to even think about going out to chop it up. Saturday I finally did. I think the neighbors were pleased. Midway through sawing off the branches I realized I hadn't taken any pictures. That's ok, I thought, we all know what a maple limb looks like sitting in the front yard. So I didn't rush back inside for my camera. I wish I had, because a few minutes later I saw a bald eagle soaring overhead, playing in the breeze. It made several laps around the yard; I was glad to take a break from sawing to watch it.

Sunday was less interesting. Time to tackle some of the leaves in the side yard that I never got around to cleaning up in the Fall. Let this be a lesson: rake leaves before they get packed into the ground by snow. These didn't care to budge. I toiled for an hour or so, then got bored with the task. So there's an area of the yard that still looks like November.

There's a chance next weekend will also be Spring-like. Maybe I'll finish the Fall chores then.

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