Friday, March 1, 2013

Signs of Meteorological Spring

Happy (Meteorological) Spring!

I've been mostly ignoring the yard and all things gardening-related all winter, so not it is time to come out of hibernation. Like these spring bulbs:

Purple/white crocus in the front parking strip
One of the few times in the year when my "neglected bed" is showy
Not just yet, daffs, but soon!
Tulips aren't reliably perennial here. But if these purple triumph-types bloom again, it will be year #4.

Tulip sprouts
I left some lettuce unprotected in the garden over the winter.  Looks a bit frosty, but growing!

'Tennis ball' lettuce
The tall sedum knows it is March.

This volunteer euphorbia is mostly a goner after the winter, but it made some vibrant red stems!

The butterfly bush is leafing out already.  Time to dig out those loppers!

If it starts out 8ft tall, how high will it get?

Inside, I celebrated the first day of March in my usual way, by sprouting peas.  I don't have any new seeds this year, so I'm testing out packets from 2007, 2008, 2011, and 2012.


  1. Oh wow. I don't even see anything blooming yet around my office in Old Town Alexandria. Surely nothing around here in my yard. I got my first seeds delivered today, but they were the wrong seeds. Thank you Gurney's!

    1. Seeds: Oh, no!
      Blooms: I'm sure you'll have something soon. My daffs were in full bloom by this time last year, so I'm practicing patience this year. I forgot to look today at the yard on Quaker that always has the super early daffs.