Friday, February 15, 2013

February 2013 Blooms

What's blooming in February?  Some usual suspects and a fun (for me) surprise.

It's crocus time.  Mostly yellows, a few purple, and one just-starting (unpictured) white.

It's the first week of Lent - a good time to show off the Lenten roses (Hellebores).  I have several plants.  The greenish-white-flowered one blooms at the end of last year's stems, showing off the flowers:

The purple hellebores send up new flower stalks from the center, so the flowers get hidden behind last year's leaves.  Especially this year - the mostly warm winter means those old leaves are still pretty vigorous.  I had to dig to find the flowers.

What is exciting and new this year:  some of my self-seeded hellebore plants are finally blooming.  These youngsters are 3-4 years old and putting out their first flowers.  One of the white variety and one of the purple:

(Also blooming this month:  some rather un-showy snowdrops, rue (still), pansies (barely), and winter weeds.)

Happy February Bloom Day!

(I finally posted January's blooms, too. You can see them here.)


  1. Your hellebores are great and your crocus look really healthy. Yea for those first blooms.

  2. I had one pitiful looking crocus that came up from ones planted sometime in the past. I was too embarrassed to even post its picture. Apparently even the squirrels didn't want it!

  3. You have a lot going on! My hellebores are seedlings given to me by a friend and they haven't bloomed yet. My crocus also aren't doing much yet, either. But to defend them a bit, a bunch were dug up during some major garden redesigning last fall and are probably still recovering. My rue is still hanging on, too. Tough plant! :o)