Saturday, March 2, 2013

Take THAT, Buddleia!

Perhaps I should have spent some time in the garden last month.  Or over the last three months.  Garden cleanup tasks should probably start in February, but it is cold then.  I spent the last weekend of February skiing, not gardening.

As a result, my buddleia already looks like this:

Eight feet tall and leafing out

Not just leaf buds, but leaves!
 Rather, it looked like that until I dug out my loppers.  Now it looks like this:

2 feet tall and stumpy - but with a few leaves
Sorry for your wasted leaf-making effort, buddleia.  Maybe next year you'll hold off until March, OK?


  1. Hi-ya! You are now the Bruce Lee of gardening! I think all pruning should come with goofy sound effects. You'll have a better buddleia thanks to your excellent chop job. :o)

  2. Your plant looks a few year old with the bark. My buddleia was trimmed down in the fall, after remembering that it started growing last February. (It popped up without warning - I knew not what it was or where it came from. Now I have a buddleia.) Reminds me - I need to write about it...again.

  3. Ha! I just took out my butterfly bushes, too. I'm trying to decide whether to try to take them out permanently. I have such a love-hate relationship with them. Also just went through a similar battle with forsythia. So far, the spring cleanup has been very violent.