Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's a Tie!

In the annual battle between yellow and white, this year was a tie.  These daffodils didn't just pick any day to simultaneously bloom, either:  they opened during Snowquester (hence renamed Slushquester), the storm that wasn't.  Or at least wasn't here.  I know other parts of the state got plenty of white stuff.

Here are the winners, a bit droopy under the slush/snow/ice/whatever was coming down when I went out to check them.

Here's my front yard yesterday morning when it was actually snowing:
Look:  snow!
What's covering the ground?  Slush with a light snow frosting
Yesterday afternoon brought rain, which washed all the snow/slush away.  I'd hoped to do some urban skiing, but it was not to be.  I went kayaking instead.

Back to the garden, here are the daffs today, looking a bit more cheerful about blooming:

In other news: my peas have sprouted, but the ground is a bit too wet to do anything about planting them just yet.


  1. My daffs have just started booming, too. We got about 4". I was hoping for a foot or more. What kind of peas are you growing? What did you do to sprout them?

    1. I'm growing three varieties of shelling peas. I pre-sprout them inside in damp paper towels before planting outside. While the plants can handle cold weather, the seeds don't care to germinate in cold soil. Gets a bit of a jump on the season, which is necessary when trying to grow cool-season peas in Virginia! (for more on sprouting peas - with photos - see my post from two years ago here: