Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm Not Late!

I thought I was really behind on my spring garden.  This is mostly true, especially since there's a whole lotta bittercress out there getting ready to spit seeds everywhere.  The garden isn't prepped (except for my small patch of peas), onions and garlic aren't in yet, etc.  And I just started seeds on Monday. 

But, wait!  What's this in yesterday's Washington Post?

It's time to start tomato seeds this week.  And I did mine on Monday! (Ok, just four varieties I happen to already have; I'm still waiting for an order of more.)  One part of my garden is Not Late!

Afternoon update:
I even have tomato sprouts!


  1. I started my tomato seeds too early but they're chugging along under grow lights. They took a field trip outside today to enjoy real light. :o) What varieties did you plant?

  2. I have got nothing going inside because I thought it was too late. maybe i can start some maters and peppers indoors after all!