Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow and Seeds

I'd intended to post colorful photos of my rather stunning daffodil display.  I declared yesterday "peak" bloom for the side yard - a sea of yellow and green.  But I didn't get around to taking photos.

Then this morning I woke up to a monochromatic landscape:

The upper garden, pre-dawn today
Yes, that's more snow than all the other non-snow events this past winter, combined.  In the last week of March.  Over in the side yard (I couldn't bear to take a photo), the daffs lay prostrate under the slushy snow.  The snow had (mostly) melted by this afternoon, but the daffs still hung their heads.  Well, at least I got to enjoy them yesterday while I was out weeding the front parking strip.

Tonight I finally got around to seed-starting.  Yes, I'm ridiculously late this year.  Five varieties of peppers, three of tomatoes (There will be more, but I, um, don't have them yet.  They may have ben ordered a bit late.), assorted herbs, huckleberries, four kinds of zinnias, and some coleus.

I used up all my remaining Pro-mix, and had to try something else (Hoffman's, maybe, I don't remember now what the bag said), because my usual Pro-mix source (Bill's True-Value) doesn't carry it anymore.  Any NoVA-ites know where I can get my hands on more?

Plenty more to sow another day.

Coming up soon(ish):  a tale of my attempt to exercise willpower at the garden center


  1. "a tale of my attempt to exercise willpower at the garden center"

    I don't even know what that means. It's like you're speaking some alien language. :-)

  2. My daffs popped back up from our snow/ice event and don't look too rough. Hope it all melts soon.