Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Proof is in the Box

In front of my house, I have two English boxwoods.  These came from my grandfather's "box-farm".  Not really a farm, just a 4x10 plot where he grew box from cuttings to fill in or replace the shrubs that lined and surrounded his yard..  Some were huge:  they'd been growing there for decades.  Before my grandparents' house was sold, I moved a few that were about a foot tall to my new yard.

There are several types of boxwood, and they grow at different rates.  Mine are the super slow-growing type.  I've had them for nearly seven years, but they are still really small.  When my front-bed perennials get going in the summer, the box seem to disappear. 
Boxwood in March - only as tall as the daffodil leaves

Box hidden in September

Are they actually growing?  Well, they are slightly bigger than when I planted them in 2005 (I think!), so they must be.  Here's the proof:  growth buds!

Box in March - it is growing!

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