Monday, March 19, 2012

No Weeping over this Willow

I arrived home from last week's trip to find my backyard landscape drastically altered:

The willow tree that used to dominate the back yard is gone.  Yes, I'd contracted to have it removed, but I had asked if they would do it while I was home (you know, just in case anything happened, like they dropped a big limb on my roof, I wanted to be around to deal with it.)  Fortunately, the tree came down without incident.  The crew did an amazing job of cleaning up after themselves.

Here's a before-and-after shot, looking out at the patio:

The stump couldn't be ground out because of the proximity of the tree to the garage, patio, and stairs.  All reasons the tree had to go.  Plus, it was unhealthy, and growing into the power lines that feed my house.  I'm also hoping the added sunlight on the veggie garden will help production this year. (OK, just maybe that was the primary reason I finally got around to getting the tree taken down.  Just maybe.) Oh, and I won't have to clean up after this very messy tree anymore.  Yay!


  1. A big change but you're already talking benefits! Get some sun loving flowers in a big pot and sit it on the stump!

  2. Ooo, we gots a maple in the front that I'd love to have taken away. Did your guys take all the tree with them? Were they reasonable?

  3. PQ - I used Sav-a-tree. Not the least expensive (my wallet is still hurting), but they were fast with scheduling (ok, too fast!), and did an amazing cleanup job. They'll come out first and look at your tree and give you an estimate.