Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not in the Garden

I haven't spent much time in the garden for the last couple of days. Why? This pile of leaf mulch that arrived in April:

The pile has shrunk a bit since then, but is still of substantial size. I've run out of weed-free places to put it, and I haven't been in a weeding mood. I can get the car mostly in the driveway, but not into the garage:

This leaves the garage free for some woodworking:

I originally bought the lumber so I'd have something to do on a "rainy day." But, as usually happens, the excitement of a new project led me to cast aside others and get started on this one. What am I building? So far I have a few nearly-squares:

What will they be? You'll have to wait and see.


  1. Loved your dump truck of top soil. We just took our truck over to a local landscaping supply and got a half yard of organic topsoil that was streaming on our pickup. I used it in my raised beds that my DH built inside my greenhouse. Just transplanted my veggie seedlings into the raised bed box. Hope everything grows okay now.

  2. Thanks, Cindy. My pile of leaf mold still looks just like this. My neighbor keeps asking if I'll ever be able to use the garage again. I think she's getting tired of seeing the pile.

    Good luck with your raised beds!