Saturday, May 8, 2010

MAG Plant Swap

Today was the Mid-Atlantic Gardeners Spring Plant Swap in Burtonsville. Due to my hectic travel schedule, I didn't start preparing anything until Thursday evening. Even so, I managed to unload a few smallish Nandina (yay!), Helianthus, oregano, thyme, Tatarian aster, columbine, mums, lamb's ear, rose campion, and tomatoes. I even got rid of the one maypop that came up last week, and Madeleine was so happy to get it. I wish her luck with it (though not too much luck, or she'll be overrun like I was.

We had beautiful weather and a plentiful potluck. I got to see some people I met last year and meet some new gardeners. Always a fun time!

I brought home some daylilies, two kinds of iris (a white/yellow and a reblooming, my first of those), great Solomon's seal, a light pink hardy geranium, pink obedient plant (am I nuts? probably), cuttings of climbing hydrangea and carolina allspice (which didn't enjoy being in the hot car all day and probably won't survive), angelina sedum, a beautiful Coreopsis 'Zagreb', ostrich fern, calla sprouts, and some coleus. Four buckets of composted manure, some plant pots, and a net to skim the algae from the pond. I've already put that last one to good use. You wouldn't believe what came out of that pond!

Got a few things in the ground this evening. The wind is doing a number on the solomon's seal and I had to hold it down with a brick. I'll do more tomorrow. I'm determined to avoid colonizing a new pot ghetto! I still have a few things from last year's swap that never got planted out.

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