Saturday, May 15, 2010

May Blooms

(or, Procrastination Pays)

The fifteenth of May, time for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, sponsored by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. I'm glad I made my Iris post yesterday, as the iris are done today. just a few purple ones left.

Meanwhile in the garden, shrubs and trees are blooming. Here's the Kousa dogwood, aglow in the side yard:

The Virginia sweetspire that I got as a twig last year is blooming, too:

Several flowers have appeared in the last several days. Here's goatsbeard, blooming in front of Amsonia hubrichtii:


Here are the mini blooms of the white rose in front:

And the rootstock of the dead rose in the side yard. The rose was dead before I moved in, so I never knew what it was. But I like the simple red flowers that remain:

All this has been a teaser, my peony is the main attraction today:

The geranium has been blooming for a while, but it is so cheery I have to include it here:

And the Centaurea montana is hanging on:

I have edibles blooming, too. Here are the peas (yay!):

Even the back alley is full of blooms. Honeysuckle is pretty uncontrollable here, but this time of year I don't mind, it's scent is intoxicating:

I don't know what this is, blooming outside my neighbor's fence, but I like it:

And on the other side of the alley, another unidentified flower:

Now, to address that subtitle, Procrastination Pays. I took most of these photos this afternoon, but didn't make the post then. Then, when I was cleaning up at sunset, I saw a new flower, Missouri Primrose, blooming for the first time this year:

I hope your May is full of blooms, too!


  1. Lovely blooms in your garden! I just planted a couple of the same honeysuckle and await their blooms! Oh your peonies are absolutely gorgeous too!

  2. Thanks, Heather. Honeysuckle is the plant I "hate to love". It is horribly invasive here. Oh, but that scent! I just can't get enough. I'll whack it down once the blooms are gone.

  3. A lot is blooming in your garden. I don't know what your first un-identified flower is, but the second one is pink primrose. It's rather invasive, so watch out that it doesn't overtake your garden. Thanks for joining in for bloom day!