Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Daylily Post

I didn't include any photos of daylilies in my June Bloom Day post.  If I had, it might have looked as if my yard is mostly daylilies.  While there are two sections of garden beds that have a lot of daylilies, they do not overwhelm the landscape.  But there are so many different daylilies that they would overwhelm a post.  So here is a post dedicated to these beautiful flowers.

I've not included the early-blooming Stella D'Oro nor the ubiquitous ditch lily.  I have a lot of both, but they are already finished, I showed them last year, and everyone knows what they look like anyway.

In the side garden, most of the daylilies preceded my arrival.

I love that several are red - red is a color I don't have much of (except paired with yellow, as in Aquilegia canadensis, Spigelia marilandica, and Gaillardia).

There is a third red daylily that hasn't bloomed yet - but it has buds.  And this garden section isn't all red:

This orange one (not to be confused with ditch lilies) I brought with me from the other house.  It was just labeled 'Orange'.  I call it my birthday flower.

These purple ones I got in trades.  So I should know their names, but I wasn't very good at recordkeeping.  One is in the upper garden, making friends with the common daylilies, and the other is in a pot by the garage.

Also in the upper garden, under the plum tree, a beautiful, clear, light orange (also a trade plant) opened today:


  1. The day lilies are great. I put in a red one this year. It is tiny still. Hope it looks as good as your some year.

  2. Thanks, GONSS. Enjoy your daylilies!