Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthday Blooms

My very first daylily, purchased ten years ago and labeled simply "Orange", is still my favorite. Partly because it was first, partly because it is orange, partly because of its large blooms. But also because it blooms on my birthday. Every year.

This year I was concerned because all the daylilies were blooming 2-3 weeks early. Would "my" daylily, which usually starts blooming on my birthday, last that long? It did. It saved the very last three blooms (I only got 2 in the picture) for my special day:

Also blooming on my birthday (last week, by the way) - my first dahlia of the year (and likely the only, since something chomped the other one down to a stalk yesterday):

Balloon flowers full of bees:


Glads - I love this white-trimmed purple one:

Also the usual echinacea, rudbeckia, tradescantia. Coreopsis rosea is in full swing, a few butterfly weed still hanging on, some geranium, asters(!), assorted cucurbits,...

And inside:

Sunflowers! From my sister and BIL. The florist had to come find me in the backyard to deliver them. He almost didn't walk around, but I'm glad he did - he wouldn't have left them out in the heat of the day.

I love flower-filled birthdays!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!

    So glad the lily waited for your special day.
    I have some mums that bloom for my birthday. They're later than any other ones I see around town. People always tell me "looks like those mums aren't going to bloom" but I know they'll come when it's time!

    You have several pretty flowers going right now. Love that you got the photos with the bee!