Friday, July 23, 2010


My grandmother had an old metal glider on her porch. It was always my favorite place to sit when I was a kid. I've long wanted one of my own. But first I needed a place to put it. My patio has been in shambles for as long as I've been here, and I really wanted to have it redone before I got all furniture-y. Then there's the whole issue of coordinating the pieces when I do get around to outfitting the space. What kind of look do I want there? I have no idea; I'm no decorator.

As a result, I've had zero outdoor furniture since I moved here 5 years ago. What had been a patio table and chairs at the old place has been my (well-used) sunroom furniture here. I rarely spend time just relaxing outside - is that because I always see something else that needs to be done, or simply because I've had no place to sit? It's time to find out. So much with decorating, I need to sit down!

For my recent birthday, I picked out a glider of my very own. Shipping time was perfect and it arrived on the special day. Shipping itself left something to be desired:

I hope all the pieces are still there!

"Some assembly required."

Fortunately furniture assembly is a bit of a specialty of mine (just one of my many oddities), so I thought this task was a fine birthday gift.


(pardon the weeds, but they do make a nice blanket over the uneven patio bricks)

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  1. Nice glider. Assembly isn't hard, just have to watch for the details. Enjoy the new seating.