Sunday, July 4, 2010

Warm as a Cucumber

Cucumbers are my favorite summer vegetable, but I have difficulty growing them successfully. Either the vines wither and die from this disease or that pest, or the fruits are so bitter even I won't eat them.

This years cucumber vines are looking pretty good so far, though the lower leaves are yellowing, which makes me think they may be short-lived this year. Fortunately there are lots of little cucumbers growing, so maybe I can get my fill before the plants give up the ghost. I have the vines growing up my new trellis arbor into the upper garden. The vines on one side are almost to the top, and the ones on the other side are runts.

But I have cucumbers!

Yesterday I declared that the one in the back was ready to pick, so off it came. It's a beauty:

I took it inside, wiped off the spines, and began to peel. I started to get nervous - we've had some hot, hot, dry days lately, and I haven't been home to water. Would it be too bitter? No, it was perfect. But warm! The first taste of cucumber always surprises me. I think of cucumbers as being cool and refreshing (others must, too, since someone out there coined that "cool as..." phrase). But a cucumber straight from the hot garden is warm. Still refreshing, but warm. Makes sense, but it gets me every year.


  1. I love cucumbers too. I try to harvest them before the seeds get to developed so I can just make cucumber sticks to take in my lunches. Enjoy!

  2. Cucumber sticks is how I like them, too. If the seeds are large I just scrape them out.