Thursday, June 16, 2011

June Blooms, part 1

It's been so long between flower-photo postings, I'm going to have to divide up this post. First off: what WAS blooming in my garden, back in late May/early June.

I have a few white asiatic lilies interplanted with the daffodils. But I think the increasingly crowded daffodils have outcompeted the lilies. There are only a few left.

In the Upper Garden, Stella is always the leader of the dayliliy parade. Ditch lilies are not far behind.

Behind the daylilies, in the mostly natives bed, I've been trying to grow Thermopsis caroliniana (Carolina bushpea). I started with two plants; one didn't survive the first year. I keep replanting the second one, and it keeps dying. But the remaining original plant keeps on going:

Also, Erigeron:

The patio garden (aka the native overflow) was filled with penstemon and Virginia sweetspire:

That all started as 'Huskers Red' penstemon, with white flowers, but I see a purple-flowered stalk in there now.

Up next: What's actually blooming now (the Bloom Day post)

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