Friday, June 17, 2011

June Blooms, part 1 (cont) - Larkspur

I missed a very important bloom in yesterday's post of early June blooms: larkspur.

I've never had larkspur before - I was pretty sure it would be unhappy in the hot, humid summers. But I was given some seeds last year, which I wintersowed. I planted out a few seedlings along the front walk. They didn't do anything last year, so I forgot about them/assumed they didn't make it. Then this year: flowers! They are/were so pretty, I hope they reseed well.


  1. This is my 1st year with larkspur and I also wintersowed. Usually the snails and slugs get them before they reach maturity but this year I have a few that survived. I, too, am hoping they reseed. Don't you just love that blue?

  2. This is my first year too. I picked up some seeds at the seed swap and planted indoors. A few sprouted and were transplanted outdoors. They bloomed, but they are small and don't look as good are yours. Incredible color.