Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Coneflower Explosion

I have quite a lot of coneflowers, and I rather like them.  By 'a lot' I mean a lot of plants, not a lot of types.  Most of my plants are the straight species purple kind.  On the patio I have some 'White Swan', which I adore.  And in the front, a small 'Rocky Top', chosen for its unique up-curved petals.

I've not had much interest in all the specialty coneflowers - doubles, new colors, etc - up to now.  Last weekend I paid a short visit to the National Arboretum, and saw this:

(It was a super sunny day, so had trouble with photos.  These are actually much more colorful.)

Now I need more coneflowers.

Also at the arboretum,  a field of Amsonia hubrichtii:

a field of Amsonia mounds at the arboretum
Yes, a whole field.  I have a clump, the arboretum has a field.

my single clump of amsonia

Across the walk from the Amsonia are the Capitol columns.

Now that's garden art.


  1. Garden art indeed!
    Those coneflower colors are great. I like the whole mix of them. I have white swan too. Recently, I discovered a volunteer coming on it! Yours look great.

  2. Thanks. I look forward to seeing your volunteer.

  3. Your Coneflowers are spectacular, we have those same varieties, and despite the lack of rain, all seem to have spread further and further this year.
    Delightful blog !

  4. I love the arboretum! If you ever want to meet up, let me know. :o) Love your coneflowers! The Rocky Top's always bloom facing east, which is so cool. My White Swan are about to bloom. I had the Tiki Torch cultivar, but they pooped out on me this spring.

  5. CM: I learned about the east facing thing from your blog just recently! Turns out I planted these in exactly the wrong place - I'll never actually see them bloom unless I go around to the back side of the bed. And I'd love an arboretum meet-up!

    Brit: thanks for the compliments, and for visiting. I love how self-sufficient these plants are.

  6. i can't believe i've never "done" the arboretum! i've been a couple of times for plant sales and to visit specific exhibits, but never toured the grounds. i need to remedy that!

  7. PQ - shame on you! Do I see a meetup in our future? You, me, and Casa Mariposa, some day when it's not sweltering hot. (so, uh, fall sometime?)

  8. I will recommend Coconut Lime for one of your future coneflowers. I have one that is three years old, and performs well almost all season.