Thursday, July 5, 2012

Volunteer Cucumber

I've been away for about a week, and I'm really behind on posts (more behind than just that week).  I do intend to catch up sometime.  But something really exciting happened this evening that I have to share:  I found a cucumber!

OK, so one might expect to find a cucumber in a veggie garden.  I have them every year.  Why is this one so special? 

First, it is a volunteer cucumber.  Grew up all by itself.  I had several volunteers this year.  I accidentally weeded one.  I tried to transplant another (it died).  And the third one I just let be, even though is was growing next to the arbor where I'd planned to plant beans this year (crop rotation and all...).  Well, this one plant is trying to take over my whole garden.  I think it tripled in size in the week I was away.  (Sorry, it was too dark when I was out this evening to take a pic.) 

Second, I had no idea it was there.  Last week the vine had a bunch of flowers, and if I squinted just right I could pretend there were baby cucumbers behind some of the flowers.  Tonight I was happy to see actual cucumbers growing; some should be ready in a few days.  Then, as I moved some lower leaves to pull a weed, I saw a perfect, full-grown cuke:

I brought it inside, peeled and sliced it, and ate half of it right away.  It was delicious in that way the first cuke of the season always is.

Plus, it made me feel less guilty for eating all that fried chicken for dinner.


  1. Awesome!! I love surprise veggies! :o) Now what do I have to plant to get a plate of fried chicken...

  2. Ha! Love the balancing of the chicken with the cucumber.
    It looks good. Yea for volunteers.

  3. CM - I think you'd have to plant a fried chicken tree. They are quite rare.