Friday, July 22, 2011


I braved the midday, record-setting heat to harvest a few veggies. Some cukes, the first of my beans, and one Sungold tomato.

The tomato went straight from vine to mouth, so no picture. It was tasty. I steamed the beans for a late lunch. The cukes will go in salads and tzatziki.


  1. I finally have a tomato turning red on one of my plants!! Hooray! Now I just need your cukes!

  2. Hooray! My family has done a great job of eating every cuke I can harvest. They don't go to waste around here. I did get a few dozen tomatoes from a friend, to keep my cukes company.

  3. GONSS - yes, that harvest basket is very photogenic. And it doesn't get lost in the garden.