Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Harvest Lunch

Monday was my first day at home after a week of travel.  Faced with an empty fridge, I went foraging for lunch.

I found peas ready for harvest:

Some should have been picked a few days before, but none were too big to eat.  About half of these became Monday's lunch, with a side of strawberries.

The berries didn't last long enough to be put in a bowl, but here's a photo pre-trip (and pre squirrel-netting).

(I might have had the same lunch every day this week.  I'm not telling.)


  1. Lucky you to have peas! They are one of my favorite vegetables. Fresh, warm strawberries off the vine. Yummm! :o)

    1. Peas a definitely my favorite spring vegetable. Second to cucumbers overall.