Saturday, April 20, 2013

Who Doesn't Like Violets?

Who doesn't like violets?

Me, that's who.

Oh, sure, they are very cute. They look nice in the spring perennial beds.

But when I find them in the garden, I pull them out like weeds. I'd really rather not have to do this, but violets cannot be trained. If only they would stay in the garden, I'd let them live in the garden. But they don't.

violet seedlings everywhere!

Violets have an evil plot to take over the world. Give them and inch, and they take over ...

My lawn.

ok, it's not like my lawn is very healthy anyway.  violets are one of the nicer offenders here.
My vegetable garden.

Violets invading the pea patch

My patio.

time to unleash the crack weeder

My steps.

My patio furniture.

So those cute little violets have to go!


  1. They really are everywhere aren't they? Pretty soon, they'll be inside your house.
    They are sweet but I understand. I'm having the same feelings about bachelor buttons and sunflowers right now.

    1. I haven't (yet) had an issue with bachelor buttons. They do reseed, but so far have stayed in their original bed. Good luck with controlling yours!

  2. I love violets and let them run loose (mostly). The next clump you pull up you can send to me. :o)

    1. You are welcome to come dig them up anytime!

  3. Aw, violets obviously LOVE you and this is how you repay them? For shame, Cherry! (I'm sorry, but the violets growing on the CHAIR had me giggling!)

    1. Happy to provide a smile. It was fun staging.