Thursday, April 25, 2013

508 (correction: 510 now 513)

Five hundred and eight ten thirteen.  That's my daffodil count for the year.

Annual totals:
2009: 347
2010: 282
2011: 175
2012: 460
2013: 508 510 513

All of these came from daffs that predate my living here.  When I see pretty daffodils of different types than I have in my yard, I'm tempted to buy more.  But where would I put them?  And what would it do to the count? Why do I care?  And since I've actually reduced the number of daff bulbs by moving 50 to my parent's yard, I guess the count is off anyway.  OK, I've decided this while typing: I have license to buy daff bulbs this fall!   

Maybe some green-eyes:

Or something really exotic, like Electrus, with split, reflexive cups:

Or something else entirely. 

(images from

4/28/2013 postscript:  Geez, I can't even get the title of my post correct.  I found two more faded flowers this weekend, making the final(?) count 510.

Mid-may:  Nope, not final.  Found three more in the front bed.  I'm calling the count at 513.


  1. Those are neat choices for next year. You cannot have too many daffs. I'm trying to spread mine around more. Love the yellow first thing in the spring.

  2. Whaaaa? Hey, anytime you want to thin the herd, just let me know! i have just a handful, but it's my intention to put in a giant order for the fall and carpet The Big Bed next year. I've been looking at Brent and Becky's Bulbs, and Mulch Boy has been warned. Luckily, he gave me this fabulous bulb-digging-auger-drill bit for Christmas a few years back that makes planting bulbs a breeze!

    1. I might be able to make that happen. There are still a few clumps that didn't get divided two years ago.

  3. 510? I think I would have stopped counting at 20. I don't know how many I have. A lot but probably less than 510 but more than 20. Sheesh, I'm tired already just thinking about counting daffs! :o)

    1. I know it seems odd, but counting daffs is one of my favorite spring garden activities.