Monday, April 2, 2012

April in the Woods

Yesterday I took a short walk along the C&O canal, just upstream of the DC/MD line.  The woodland was all abloom!

An allover carpet of green-and-gold
Chrysogonum virginianum

played host to Virginia bluebells,

Mertensia virginica


Phlox divaricata or P. stolonifera?  I don't know.

and a mystery yellow flower.

Bluebells also lined the canal.

More Mertensia

Overhead, a shrub had some exotic-looking red flowers.  And idea what this is?

A friend gave me the answer to this one:  it's a paw paw!
 Back in my own garden, I have phlox and green-and-gold growing.  I've planted bluebells in the past, but they don't seem to think my yard is woodsy enough.


  1. Those red flowers are cool, but I don't know what they are.

  2. Just found out: it's paw paw. I've seen the fruits growing on trees along the river, but I guess I'd never been out there at flowering time.