Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 2012 Blooms

Everything's blooming at once!  And I want to show it all off!  (But I don't have the patience to edit that many photos)  Here's a sizable sample:

An overview of the garage bed:  rue, moss phlox, columbine, geranium, and violets.

Up in the edibles garden, the strawberries are blooming.  So are last year's bunching onions and this overwintered kale, with flower stalks nearing five feet tall:

The red and yellow columbine have been filling in nicely over the years:

 Under the japanese maple, the green-and-gold I planted last spring have made themselves at home.

Over in the side yard, the black cherry is blooming, and is quite fragrant.

Around front, the catmint is already blooming.

So is this coreopsis, hidden among the daffodil foliage.

Over in the side yard, my pink bleeding heart is MIA.  But the white one has been very showy this year, seen here with a centaurea:

Both green and variegated solomons seal are up and blooming in the side bed, thought the ones in the upper garden are just breaking the surface.

Finishing up, here's my favorite iris blooming today.

Thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting the monthly Bloom Day.

(Also blooming today:  hellebore, periwinkle, creeping and woodland phlox (nearly finished), moss phlox, S-O-B (pulled today), spanish bluebells, camassia, anemone, pansies, lavender irises, mazus reptans, euphorbia, dicentra eximia (nearly finished), flax, and pasque flower)


  1. Lots of good things growing in your garden. Really enjoy the columbine.

  2. Your catmint is already blooming? Wow! I have a dwarf white catmint that blooms really early but my big purple ones won't bloom for a while. My river birch is planted in a raised berm. I still have to fight with tree roots sometimes but it's not too much of a problem. The garden bed described as the river birch garden in my last post is only part of that garden bed. The area to the right is higher and shady while the area to the left is a little lower and mostly sunny. Both beds were created out of A LOT of compost.LOVE your red columbine!

  3. My catmint foliage is full, but no blooms yet. Your display is lovely.