Monday, August 15, 2011

August 2011 Blooms - Surprises

August has become a month of surprises! Here are some in the garden:

Larkspur I was so excited that the larkspur I planted last year finally bloomed in June. But I was really surprised to see repeat blooms in August!

Cosmos Last year I started some cosmos from seed, and planted them in the lower front bed, where they did absolutely nothing. Oh, well, not much likes that scorching hot space. So I was quite surprised to see one cosmos plant growing - and blooming - this summer. How did this annual, that never flowered last year, so never made seeds, come back and flower this year? So pretty.
Picotee Cosmos

Lycoris I wasn't surprised by my surprise lilies this year. Or so I thought. But I wasn't expecting a second round of blooms, from later-sprouting flower stalks. Got me!

Also blooming this August: Zinnia, Crape Myrtle, and Four O'Clocks.
Crape Myrtle
self-seeded Four O'Clocks

That's all I have to show for August.

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