Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scanning, take two

My second attempt at scanning the garden bounty. A slight improvement over the first, but I'm still not happy. Have I mentioned I don't do flower arranging?

Here we go. A single dahlia.

Ok, I can do this. Time to add more flowers.

Oops, I left the lights on and got a "ghost scan". Maybe more appropriate for Halloween next week. Let's try again, lights off.

Ok, but my black-eyed susans didn't like sitting out for 2 hours and got wilty.

Let's cluster all the flowers I picked, really fill up the space.

Much better. This will be my 'Picture This' contest entry on Gardening Gone Wild.

Still playing around, I found some grasses. Does that help?

I'm not sure; now it looks a bit frantic on the edges. Let's try this one with the lid down, pressing flowers to the glass and using a white background.

Well, that really squished the dahlia. I don't like it. For comparison: a red background, courtesy of my placemat.

The dahlias are looking tired, but I do like the burgundy background matching the burgundy gaillardia. Maybe next time I'll try the red-on-red earlier in the process. If there is a next time. I'm not sure this scanning thing is for me, and I don't seem to have a good scanner for the job - it still blurs out anything not setting directly on the glass. Makes it tough to have a multi-dimensional image.


  1. I like them. The dahlia by itself looks mystical. What a difference with lights of and on. All the flowers together are nice. The grass is good for background.

  2. Love your post here as you played around! I took FOREVER to get mine sort of good...certsinly not great! Everyones entries look awesome! I had a pollen problem but was so tired by the time I finished, I wanted to call it quits for the night. Best wishes!

  3. these are so lovely - made me want to give it a go. I like the pic without the grasses - the dark space shows the flowers off so well