Monday, April 12, 2010

One Crazy Tulip

I only have a few tulips this year. Most of my old tulips put up foliage that was rather deformed looking, but no flowers. I did get two red/white tulips of the 6 I used to have.

Last fall I planted three new tulip bulbs, in the patio terrace. They are beautiful, especially with the moss phlox in full bloom. The solid one got lopped off by a critter before I got a good photo, but it put up a baby, too.

But what I want to show you is the foliage of one of those striped tulips. Here's the flower:

Notice the leaf? Here's a closeup:

It looks like it got confused about whether it was supposed to be a leaf or a flower. The purple part even has the texture of a flower, not of a leaf.

I think it's pretty. More tulips should consider adding decoration to the leaves - then maybe I wouldn't mind letting the foliage hang around after the flowers are done.

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