Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snow? Still?

Remember the "Snowpocalypse" that covered the mid-Atlantic in December, dumping 2 feet of snow on my yard?

Well, despite many days of temps in the 50s, and a few days of solid rain, some of the snow persisted. And persisited. Four weeks later (a week ago), there was still snow in my yard. Unheard of here in Virginia!

Ok, so the snow in the picture above is from where we piled all of the snow from clearing the driveway. It was really packed, so I'm not surprised it lasted a while, especially in a partly shaded area. And yes, on the left side it is covering that rudimentary compost pile I intended to move in in early December. But the snow in the next picture was completely untouched, virgin snow. It still covered an entire perennial bed bordering my patio (where, btw, I grow sun-loving plants). I can't figure this one out.

Both of those pictures were taken a week ago, but I never got around to posting them. All of that snow is now gone. To make this post more current, here's a picture I took today, five weeks after the snow:
I wouldn't normally show off the trashy little space between my garage and the neighbor's fence, but in this case I just had to. FIVE WEEKS, and there's still snow!

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