Sunday, January 24, 2010

Garden Rainbows

Rebecca at In the Garden, whose blog I just found today, challenged readers to create a garden rainbow to help us get through the winter. Like Rebecca, I enjoyed the excuse to sort through my garden photos from the last year. I must really have spring on my mind, since the pictures below are from March (1), May (4), June (1), and only one from fall (November). Here goes:
Red: My one dahlia, didn't even think of blooming until November.

Orange: Asclepias tuberosa, blooming in June

Yellow: Oenothera missouriensis, Missouri primrose, blooming in May. There is nothing in the world more yellow than this flower.

Green: Peas are my favorite edible sign of spring.

Blue: Sisyrinchium angustifolium - Blue-eyed grass blooming in May.

Indigo: I admit to not really knowing what indigo looks like. But this Baptisia australis, blooming in May, is called False Indigo. So it must be indigo.

Violet: a Hellebore that I hope to see blooming again very soon!


  1. What a beautiful post, thanks so much for participating!! I'm glad you found my blog! Your peas look delicious and your flowers are lovely, I also don't quite know what indigo looks like, so I just guessed. :o) Rebecca

  2. Wonderful vibrant colors! I love the pea!! Your Hellebores are lush!! Lovely! ;>) Carol

  3. Rebecca - thanks for visiting! And thanks again for the inspiration.

    Carol - welcome! I'm embarrassed to have a real photographer looking at my pictures. Thanks for the compliments. Now I'll be wondering what comments you didn't post.

  4. Wonderful rainbow ! Especially thrilled to see your Oenothera ! I actually thought I was the only one growing it. I haven't seen it much in blogland. Lovely !

  5. Super lovely..gorgeous post! I love the pea pod!!

  6. miss m - I only have the one Oenothera plant, and I'm constatnly debating about whether to rip it out. It has a short bloom period. When it is in bloom the flowers are so bright I feel the need to shield my eyes. And the rest of the year the foliage is untidy. Not at all what I'd hoped for from this plant. But it made a great rainbow picture choice.

    kiki - thanks for the compliments - I think that pea pod photo is my very favorite of all the pictures I took last year.

  7. Your peas look yummy. Love the Oenothera too.

  8. Hi Cherry Lane, just wanted to let you know that I have a Thank You for participating post on my blog. :) Rebecca