Friday, June 14, 2013

A Berry For Me

I've had a few blueberry bushes for a few years, but I've never eaten a blueberry that I've grown.  Partly because they've not been very fruitful; partly because of my three highbush shrubs, one died (from lack of attention) and one doesn't care to flower, leaving the third with nothing to cross-pollinate it; and partly because it's not worth protecting the few fruits I'd otherwise have from the critters (birds and squirrels).

Oh, 'Sunshine Blue', why won't you make flowers and berries for me?
This year I bought a shrub to replace the dead one.  It has so far survived, and seemed to do its cross-pollinating job.  I know one is supposed to not let them fruit for the first year or so, but that seems silly to me.  There are finally actual blueberries growing - why would I prevent that?  So each of my two plants that flowered decided to grow some fruit this year.  I've been watching and waiting. Finally, last Saturday, I saw it:  a blue berry.  That's right folks, a ripe blueberry!  I was so thrilled I ripped it right off the shrub and had it halfway to my mouth.  Then I stopped myself, set the berry down, and went in search of the camera to record this auspicious occasion:

My First Blueberry
Yes, it was tasty.  I wanted more.  Oh, so many more.  Well, there aren't that many more to be had, but I want them all, yes I do.  So I pulled the bird/squirrel netting off the strawberries (their spring flush is done now) and wrapped up the blueberries, tying the netting around the bottom of the stalks to try to keep the crafty squirrels out and using all my twist-ties on the sides and top to keep the birds out.  I only knocked 3-4 developing berries off in the process.  I mourned the loss of each one.

Older shrub on the left, new one on the right, 'Sunshine' in front of the netting, and helianthus all around
 Wednesday I went out to check on things, and found this:

Three more blue berries (one's hiding)!

They were yummy, too.

While I was critter-proofing last weekend, I also (with Dad's help) netted the blackberries:

A row of bricks on the bottom (it worked for the strawberries, so trying it again here),  The sides and top are stapled to the fence.  So I'm going to have to harvest from the bottom.

I'll eat you soon, my pretties

It will be worth it.


  1. Those look great. Worth the effort to cover with nets. Enjoy!

  2. you're not supposed to let the blueberries fruit the first year? why that's just crazy talk! I picked my first ripe blueberry yesterday and popped it immediately in my mouth--so good!

  3. Congrats on the berries. Every one is a perfect treasure!