Thursday, September 13, 2012

Swallowtail (for real)

When my first swallowtail caterpillar sighting turned out to be a monarch, Samantha at Polliator Plates reminded me to go check my rue.  I've grown rue in my herb garden for six years, because I love the gray fluffy foliage, but I'd not noticed carpillars feasing there.  Sunday I took a closer look, and found one!

This one's definitely a swallowtail
Caterpillar closeup
When I returned with my camera to photograph my findings, I also found another one:

Number two
Whay does this make me so happy?  I have no idea.

In other caterpillar news,  Samantha has raised monarch butterflies from found eggs, and posted their progess here.  Fascinating stuff!

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  1. Hiya- thanks so much for the mention! Finding caterpillars makes me really happy too. I have to confess... I think I like the caterpillars more than the butterflies! They're just so cute, and silly, something about them... I don't know :) Glad you found some to enjoy!