Monday, August 13, 2012


I have beans!

I planted two types of pole beans on the trellis arch this year, both new to me:  yard-long and scarlet runner.  Yard-long for the novelty, and scarlet runner to have some pretty flowers in the veggie garden. 

No photo of the pretty scarlet runner, thanks to an unreadable camera card (grumble).  They are pretty, but they haven't produced beans.  That's ok: it's why I planted two kinds of beans.

Here's the yard-long side of the trellis arch, with beans a-dangling:

And here is the first bean harvest.

 Those are some long beans!  But are they yard-long?

No, but the longest one is just over a half yard.

They were great sauteed with the zucchini and some Greek seasoning.

 Oh, and I picked some more tomatoes, too.

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  1. It all looks yummy. Those are some long beans. Never tried them before. Enjoy!