Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 2012 Blooms

The theme of February:  early spring bulbs.  Starting in the patio terrace, here are some yellow and purple crocus:

 The neglected bed doesn't look quite so forlorn when it has a carpet of purple crocus:

The front border has crocus, too:

And a new bed (that maybe I'll post about someday) has some new white crocus:
Love those purple edges!

It also has a few snowdrops, a new bulb for me this year:

And don't forget the promise of daffodils to come next month!

(also blooming:  purple and white hellebores, creeping phlox, and assorted weeds)


  1. I wondered about you the other day. Nice to see some posts! The crocus sure look nice in those big clusters. I need more clusters. My crocus are kind of here and there. Your snow photos were pretty and that amaryllis really performed. Here's to spring (or winter still depending on the day here)!

  2. Nothing blooming in my yard but the weeds. Lots of bittercress. Maybe next week.