Monday, October 10, 2011

Digging Up Daffodils

In the spring, I had lots of daffodil foliage, but not enough flowers.  I had an idea that the bulbs might have gotten too crowded, so I thought I should divide them.  I'd planned to do some in the spring and some in the fall, and compare the results next year.

But there were so many other things that had to be done in the spring, so the daffs were ignored.  Today I finally dug up some of them (the ones in memorable locations, that is).  Boy, were they crowded!
A shovel-ful of bulbs

Bulbs on the ground

200 bulbs of varying sizes
 I replanted the bulbs in various spots in the yard.  When I ran out of room, I brought the remaining (tiny) bulbs to my parents' new house and planted them along the front walk.  It will be a few years before my folks actually move there, so those bulblets will have some time to grow.

Since my bulbs had already done their growing for the year in their cramped quarters, I don't expect increased flowering next year.  But with plenty of room now to grow big bulbs, I'm eagerly anticipating spring 2013!

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