Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Delayed September Blooms

OK, I'm so very late making this post that I had to backdate it. I didn't miss Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day by a day or two, but by nearly a week. I took the photos on time (the evening of the 14th), just never posted. I've been an anti-blogger lately. So here I am posting on the 21st (the last full day of summer) and pretending it's still the 15th.

On with the show! (What show there is, anyway)

I'm tired of having to show macro shots of my flowers. I want to have that sort of garden that I can show off in it's entirety, or at least in sweeping views. I'm not there yet. It's either bare, weedy, overgrown, dead, or all of the above.

Here's one view I can show. You still don't get to see much of what else is around, but at least there are multiple plants in the shot. Yes, it's the required Sedum 'Autumn Joy'. What September bloom post would be complete without it?

Moving down the side yard, here's a Helianthus bloom. They really brighten up the area:

Oh, yeah. I'm back in for the closeup. That's because this plant just doesn't behave. 8 ft tall spindly stems. Or would be 8 ft tall, except they flop all over the ground. Here, let me show you:

Across the path from the Helianthus, in the iris/daylily bed, are the mistflowers (Conoclinum [or is it Eupatorium?] coelestinum). These are suffering a bit for lack of water, but they spread nicely this year to help fill in a bare spot. I just hope they are well-behaved enough not to run my irises out of town.

And lest you think my only fall blooming plants are in the side beds, let's move on to the upper garden. Here the white (light pink?) Boltonia asteroides are a billowy cloud. They are sandwiched between the Thermopsis seedpods in the foreground and the Asclepias seedpods (producing their own puffiness) behind. Another floppy plant, I think the Boltonia would be better behaved if they were in full sun. Instead they lean toward the light.

Thanks for indulging me with my late, late post.

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