Sunday, August 15, 2010

River Blooms

I'm hanging out at the family cottage at the river for a nice relaxing long weekend, so I'm not home to see what's blooming on Bloom Day. I'd intended to snap some photos Friday before I skipped town, but I was running late and there was rain. So lets see if I can find anything here at the tip of the Middle Peninsula.

We come here to chill and enjoy the River. There is no garden and very little landscaping to speak of. No one person is here often enough to take on the responsibility. We get most of our color from sunsets, beach toys, and kayaks.

August is a rough month for blooms in this part of the country anyway, but in a place with no garden? A real stretch.

In the back yard are a bunch of crape myrtles, still blooming bright pink:

On the west side of the house is a reblooming daylily and the last of the spirea:

And on the east side, also almost finished, is the mimosa. Such a weed here, but when this thing is in full bloom you can barely see the flowers for the butterflies.

I wonder what's blooming at home?

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  1. I love mimosa. We had two in our yard growing up: best climbing trees ever, plus the scent of those beautiful puffy flowers. On my street today, the park across from our house has many mimosa trees, and I love breathing in that scent when they bloom.