Monday, June 14, 2010

Rain-Soaked Flowers

Three separate storms rolled though here this afternoon/evening, dropping 1.6" of rain. Total rain time was about 40 minutes, so much of that water was runoff. My clay just can't absorb that much water in such a short time.

Meanwhile, the rain affected my flowers in some interesting ways. I was out between rains two and three to take some photos for tomorrow's bloom day post. I'll show some here early.

My white asiatic lilies have been blooming for about two weeks. Here's a flower pre-rain, photographed June 4th:

And here's a post-rain flower. The pollen all washed onto the flower, making it yellow. The yellow/white combination reminds me of a plumeria (aka frangipani), even if the flower is a completely different shape:

I have some daylilies blooming, too. In my yard are three unnamed red ones, numbered one through three, for lack of any better id. I forgot to note which one this was then I took its picture on the 4th, but there's a chance it is Red #1 (could be #2, definitely not #3):

A Red #1 bloomed today. I didn't get to see it before the rain, but here it is after, looking very water-soluble:

I love how the garden can change in an instant, or in a downpour!

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